The above diagrams spell out a new cosmological language that can provide satisfactory answers to the so-called big cosmological questions.

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UFOs and Extra-terrestrial Life Forms

UFOs and the like are hallucinations that are made real by second minded life forms within the brains of certain individuals; about 5% of individuals actually. Such individuals are known by many names; Shamans, Prophets, Witches, etc. We need to realize that we take for granted that we are living in an objective world; a world that came to be some time in the past by one means or another. In this work, I show that this assumption is not true and this is the reason we can't find satisfactory answers to the so called big cosmological questions. What follows comes from what amounts to something like a revelation in the form of a total mind set change that I had in 1959 while I was a student of particle physics; it blow my mind at the time and it still does. A brief account of the so called revelation and how it came to be, is given in my second book entitled Dark Energy.

About one in twenty humans are so called Deep Trance Hypnotic Subjects (DTHS) men, women and children which means that such can easily be hypnotized and can and will spontaneously hallucinate, from time to time, what ever their unconscious imaginations become fascinated with and such hallucinations are made 'physically' real for a group (may be hundreds) of people by 'second mindedness;' see below. DTHS subjects can be in a trance state while standing or even moving around. In the past 'even today for some' such hallucinations where in the form of Angles, Demons, Gods and the like that were perceived to be 'physically' real and such beings could also work so-called 'supernatural events' that were also perceived as physically real events, such as levitation and miraculous healing etc. In these 'scientific times' such hallucinations are in the form more of so-called UFOs and extraterrestrial or alien life forms. Some people hallucinate being abducted by alien life forms; by the so-called Grays. Some hallucinate themselves catching fire, fire that is made real by second mindedness, so they are burnt to death without the building in which they're in being burnt down. What is puzzling until we understand second mindedness is how hallucinations can be perceive as physically real by a group of people in the vicinity or on radar and/or images on cameras as well? This is where so-called 'second mindedness' 'see below' gets involved in the process; this trait should be apparent in the DNA of such people. We also need to realize that the universe is not a matter of object fact but a consequence of collective unconscious belief (see universal belief below) created within the here & now. The universal belief is a structure within the collective unconscious mind of humanity. An integrated instance of which is within each individual brain being perceived by the consciousness within each human brain as the world in which each individual is living. It is because we are assuming the objective nature of our world that we are unable to find satisfactory answers to the so-called big cosmological questions. This means that its not just the reality of UFO's that is in question but the reality of the entire universe as well. A simple question to ask about the universe"how did all the stuff of the universe come out of nothing?" The simple answer is "because it is still nothing; nothing substantial that is; it's mind stuff."

It is too easy to assume that we are living in a universe that came to be sometime in the past; we have not been taught this because it seems so obvious; just as the Sun going round the earth seemed so obvious, as it was thought to do, a few hundred years ago. In order to provide satisfactory answers to the big cosmological questions a new and very radical approach is required and this may at first cause shock waves in conventional circles. http://www.darkenergywebb.com

As far as so-called UFOs are concerned, briefly what happens is that a second minded DTHS spontaneously hallucinates what his or her unconscious imagination considers to be a extra-terrestrial flying object that is real to all the senses of the hallucinating person but as yet not real to others in the vicinity. This also applies to lights in the sky, day or night. The imagined flying object is immediately enhanced or 'put' into the universal belief by the charisma emanating from their second mind making the flying object real for a group of people, even the entire world. However, it's just a real solid shape even if it lands and a strange life form, that is also real and solid, immerges from the object and says "take me to your leader." Although the flying object is physically real to all the senses of all concerned it is lacking in technical content because it is not as real as all other objects in 'the universe', i.e. 'the universal belief,' hence it gets considered to be a so-called UFO, an unidentified flying object. It's not like an aircraft, for example, that can be closely examined when it lands and it's not just the reality of UFO's and the like that is at stake here but the reality of the entire universe and even the meaning of reality itself. In some ancient primitive societies such second minded persons hallucinate Gods, Angels and Demons, some of the Gods and Demons come across as being extremely blood thirsty creatures. On the web page entitled The Psychodynamics of UFOs, Religion and Second-mindedness" I explain why this is so; there is a link entitled Religion on the home page. In this scientific age of the 21 st Century we go more for extra-terrestrial life forms as we search for other life forms within our world, 'universe' or universal belief, although it is the same phenomena in all cases.

To fully understand 'genuine' UFO sightings etc., it is necessary to be able to think about the universe and how it came to be in a very different way than is current. It is being suggested in this work that it is human subliminal imagination together with the 'charisma' that creates and continually upgrades the reality we perceive as the universe, the world we which we live. This is an ongoing process and takes place by means of a coercive mind to mind interaction between all the unconscious minds of humanity, including so-called 'second mindedness' in conjunction with the concept defined as Reality. In the case of so-called UFOs this process is still in progress and will be for some time to come, because of the inability of current subliminal imaginations to create the means by which greater then light speed travel can be attained and this is just one of the reasons why there is so much uncertainty surrounding UFO phenomena. Current imaginations, both conscious and unconscious, are gripped by Einstein's relativity which implies, among other things, that no material object can exceed or even approach the speed of light. The nearest star to our Sun is 4.2 light years away so that with any speed that we can muster, or even think about, will take tens of thousands of years to cover even that distance!

Reality is a new concept and needs to be studied; it is the central issue of the book entitled Dark Energy as well as the book entitled Where Angels Fear to Tread It creates a new spiritual/cosmological language based on a psycho-dynamic approach that is compatible with science that can cope with both natural and so-called supernatural events in space and time. The new language can also make sense out of UFO and extra-terrestrial life forms phenomenon. Please click the link at the bottom of this page to view The Big Questions in Cosmology when you're ready and please bear in mind that current science cannot provide satisfactory answers to these questions within the context of an objective universe although it lives in hope. In this alternative understanding the so-called coercive mind to mind interaction is none other than the so-called dark energy that fills the cosmos/universe.

There are certain individuals, as mentioned above, who inherit two mental ancestral traits from there parents and ancestors. One trait is what many people call a deep trance hypnotic (DTH) profile that makes such people highly and susceptible to self hypnosis and the other is what I call second mindedness (a second personality) within the other half of there own brain. When a second mind participates in the so-called coercive interaction 'sparks' will fly and it's amazing what bazaar phenomena can arise from these two family traits when they work together. Such phenomena are limited only by human subliminal imagination but 'real' UFOs presents a difficult challenge for present day subliminal imaginations because they need to be able to understand how super light-speed travel can be achieved in order to travel outside the Solar system form where 'real' UFOs are presumed to originate. Without the charisma emanating from second mindedness UFO sightings would be mere hallucinations and it's not just UFOs and extraterrestrial life forms but alien life forms as well as Angels and even God like creatures sometimes. There is no difference between the Gods of antiquity and so-called ancient aliens, within the past part of the universal belief; however they're all a consequence of second minded charisma together with human subliminal imaginations within the minds of certain 'gifted' individuals. It's not just second minded charisma but the less spectacular charisma stemming from ordinary minds such as the reader's mind or that of the writer. Charisma is generated from minds that are closer to Reality in some detailed way than other minds around. Mind blowing!?

A person with a DTH profile can and will spontaneously hallucinate anything that fascinates ‘him/her’ and about 1 in 20 people have this ‘gift.’ If such a person happens to be fascinated by UFOs or extra-terrestrials life forms 'he/she' will from time to time 'spontaneously' hallucinate them and such will be very real to him but will not necessarily be real to the rest of us, it depends. If the hallucinating person has a second mind and that second mind has enough ‘charismatic skill,' the charisma emanating from that second mind will enhance the hallucination into what I call the universal belief or UB. This will make the appearance of a UFO or extra-terrestrial life form real for everyone including radar operators and cameras and will be perceived as a real object by everyone involved. However the technological content of such an object will be vague due to the inability of human subliminal imagination, in its current state, to create the necessary technology that would give it the same kind of reality as a conventional aircraft, for example. When a negative hallucination gets into the UB things and people disappear without trace, as they do within the so-called Bermuda Triangle, for example.

UFOs, extra-terrestrial life forms, aliens, even ancient aliens together with their 'ancient artifacts' perceived as 'so-called' fossil records are also a consequence of human subliminal imagination in the form of spontaneous hallucinations that get enhanced into the so-called Universal Belief mainly by second minded charisma. As mentioned above as many as 1 in 20 humans possess the traits of a "deep trance hypnotic profile" together with "second mindedness" and there is no correlation of these ancestral traits with any particular social group. This means that one in twenty airline pilots, law enforcement officers, clergymen, doctors etc., possess these traits, to a greater or lesser extent, whether they realize it or not. Furthermore these same traits are also involved in so-called religious experiences. A human individual with a second mind together with a PTH profile will spontaneously hallucinate what he or she imagines a God figure should look like. A seemingly awesome God that is seen by a group of individuals and seems to have so-called super natural powers such as levitation of UFOs or massive stone blocks etc. Actually it the second mind of the hallucinating individual that has so-called supernatural power due to its ability to enhance the UB into a range of spectacular events that captivates an audience into a so-called religious state and actually creates a religion over time. These is no need to evoke extraterrestrial life forms!

Actually it is the same problem that occurs in particle physics where the human subliminal imagination is currently unable to create a satisfactory structure for the microscopic atomic model within the macroscopic model of reality we call our world. This means that some of the particles observed, by whatever means, may not be as real as the rest of our current reality. Some particles we expect to find are just not there within the UB because the subliminal imagination has not so far be able to create them; gravitons for example. To some extent this is dependent on the involvement or non involvement of a second minded person in the project, such as the so-called Hadron Collider project for example. These human traits could also be responsible for the creation of new viruses that hit the Universal Belief that we perceive as reality, from time to time.

As scientists we think that we can prove our theories by discovering appropriate 'physical' artifacts and 'physical' effects, referred to as objective facts that are considered to substantiate and prove the theory. What is actually taking place however is that a subliminal version of the conscious theory first gets enhanced into the UB via the so-called coercive interaction. This makes the enhanced theory, now within the UB, together with the appropriate artifacts just as real, in due course, as the rest of reality when such new facts are 'discovered.' by conscious endeavor. In short we create the events that are being used as proof of the theory and not the other way round.. It is because of this, among other things, that we inadvertently take for granted the objective factual nature of the universe.

This realization process has not yet taken place with so-called UFOs, extraterrestrial life forms and certain sub atomic particles. The facts we experience are actually facts of collective unconscious belief. If it helps we could think of the UB as an hologram in which we are living with our individual physical forms (real selves) as components of the hologram. It is more accurate to think of the hologram as the content of the collective unconscious mind of humanity.

When human subliminal imagination becomes adequate, UFOs and extra-terrestrials life forms will become just as real as the rest of reality, within the UB. Such an event will be thought of by those who subscribe to an objective universe as, a so-called, first contact event. It is a coercive interaction between all the unconscious minds of humanity that is being perceived as the so-called dark energy that fills the universe or cosmos and it is this that is creating the universe or cosmos as an ongoing interaction with Reality. Actually, the so-called UFO phenomenon is also responsible for the creation and support of the phenomenon we call religion.

This is how Moses was able to separate the water of the Red Sea or the Sea of Reeds. Moses being a DTHS who also had a second mind with more than adequate charismatic skill. It is also how Joshua, a man with a second mind, stopped the sun in the sky for 24 hours. Events such as these make no sense to science if the universe is considered to be a matter of objective fact. These days of the 21st century, such Biblical events are being investigated as possibly due to so-called natural forces such as the weather or the results of some kind of seismic activity but such natural forces would only be the means that produced the events not the cause of them, even these events 'were' created by humanity as it was in those days within the UB of the so-called past but for us in the here and now it is all just an unconscious belief within the collective unconscious mind of humanity.

The mind of the individual we see in reality (our world) is in one hemisphere of the brain or the other but not in both. Sometimes however there is a second mind in the other hemisphere of the same brain, the same one in twenty, and this second mind is very much simpler than what amounts to its host (the mind of the person we see in reality). The second mind (personality) doesn't have to earn a living or bring up a family so it is a simple mind indeed and because of this it lives closer to Reality than any human kind.

We need to have great respect for all second minds on this account because they are perceived by many as the Gods, although the reader may not fully appreciate this until 'he' becomes familiar with the new cosmological/spiritual language that is being put forward.

Reality is a new concept that has been devised to make it possible to talk about such things in a scientific manner. Any mind living closer to Reality then other minds in the vicinity can and will enhance the universal belief into a lower conflicting state by installing some new ‘social healing’ content into the UB. The UB is the world in which we are living; reality.

It looks a bit complicated at first sight but this is what happens when certain persons with a deep trance hypnotic profiles spontaneously hallucinates a UFO or an extra-terrestrial life form. It's all part of a bigger picture. Please click on What on Earth is wrong with Cosmology?

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