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Universal Belief


God as the Spirit of Reality

Alex J Morrey

Where Angels Fear to Tread brings together subjects as diverse as physics, hypnotism and religion, or what religion amounts to. It begins by considering the world/universe in the conventional sense, as a matter of ‘objective fact’, meaning that it was in existence before humanity came into existence. This is something we tend to take for granted at a very basic level, never seriously thinking that it could be otherwise. Material objects in such a world are real, because they are components of the world. The ‘universal belief’ is introduced, a world based on belief instead of objective fact. In practice, there is no difference between the two, but in theory there is a staggering difference. In this case ‘material objects’ are perceived as real by means of a subliminal interaction between all the minds of humanity in what could be called a “perceptual consensus”.

Scientists, being traditionally and inadvertently gripped by the concept of the objective nature of our world, struggle when they try to discover how the universe came about, by thinking and talking about a ‘big bang’ which is supposed to have taken place some 17 billion years ago, and how mankind evolved from the chance combination of certain atoms within it. On the other hand, when these same questions are asked about a world created by belief, the universal belief, the answers are very interesting.

Some may wonder whether God is responsible for everything, but what does this mean? Again, we can, too easily, take things for granted; it’s too easy to assume that we are all referring to the same entity when God is mentioned. If we ask the people around us if they believe in God, some will say “yes” and others “no”, but what are they thinking about? Many must be thinking about a more developed version of what they have been ‘taught’ about such things from their childhood. It’s not surprising that many say they don’t believe in God.

If those who say they believe in God are asked if God is real, they will all say “yes”. Before we can really come to grips with such fundamental questions, we need to ask what being ‘real’ means. Are we thinking about the reality of our world or the reality of God? The reality of our world, or simply reality, is a matter of experience for us all. But is it real because we believe in its reality or is it objectively real? One way or the other it is ‘real’ for all of us. Whether it’s exactly the same reality for each one of us is another question.

The reality of God is yet another matter. Can God be real in terms of objective fact or belief? God is certainly not real to everybody, as is reality. Many of those who say they believe in God, and say that God is real, are really saying that they believe in the existence of God, a totally different matter. We don’t talk about the reality of the universe in this way; it is real for all of us, by default. There are certain gifted people with a special psychodynamics makeup to whom a manifestation of God is real as a matter of fact, but they are few and far between and will be discussed in due course in another article.

The two main concepts in this work are the universal belief, as opposed to a universe of objective fact, and the coercive interaction between all the minds of humanity, which creates and continually upgrades the universal belief that is perceived as reality. Using these ideas, we can develop an understanding of reality as a conflicting logical system in its current form, and show how it can become a non conflicting logical system defined as Reality. We can also explore how Reality relates to the theological concepts of the various religions.

If we must use the word “God”, let it mean the spirit of Reality. Then we will have a Real purpose in life, with a Realistic understanding and perhaps, in due course, will live in Reality. Actually living in Reality is the interaction demonstrated by Jesus of Nazareth. These two concepts, in combination with the concept of the VLA, which is discussed below, explain everything that mankind has ever experienced, both natural and supernatural.

In order to keep our feet firmly on the ground, we start at a very basic level by considering the nature of the ‘material objects’ that make up our world. These are objects that are made of what is referred to as ‘matter,’ that exhibit ‘mass’ and ‘inertia’ and feel solid. The gravitational, electrostatic and magnetic fields that we experience one way or another are considered by using the universal belief instead of the objective universe to show that weight, for example, is a consequence of our bodies (real selves) being placed onto the surface of the earth within the universal belief according to the law of gravity. One could say that they were pushed on the surface of the earth rather than attracted by some mysterious action at a distance. This provides a very different understanding of gravity to the current one. The so-called dark energy that fills the universe belief/universe is actually the coercive interaction between minds.

Such an understanding is a spin-off from a much deeper understanding of the nature of light beyond the photon and even space and time itself, and the very nature of our individual material bodily existence as a complex material object, the real self being a component of the universal belief.

If everything we perceive as real is a consequence of a perceptual consensus between all the minds of humanity, what about the universe of the past? Surely this cannot also be a consequence of perceptual consensus? We need to realize that the current reality in which we live is just one of a very large array of related realities, referred to as the VLA. These other realities are not elsewhere in space and time or in other dimensions, they are all in the here and now, as there is only here and now in Reality. The difference between the realities that make up the VLA lies in their proximity to Reality, with each subtending a narrow band width of reality. Effectively, we are a community of souls that have dropped out of Reality, and are now drifting around lost in space and time, trying to get back into Reality.

There is an continual drift by migration, of the ‘essence of each real self’ (ERF), which some people vaguely refer to as the soul, between the different realities of the VLA, either closer to or further away from Reality, depending upon the ERF’s status in Reality. Within our current reality, the result of such migration is perceived as the death of the real self. The ERF migrates across the reality boundaries of the VLA. On the arrival of an ERF into another reality, it participates in the ‘resident’ coercive interaction within that reality, being integrated into that reality by acquiring a new real self together with its ‘past’. This is how the ‘past’ of the current reality, our universe, came to be. Although this is a very integrated understanding of life, the universe and everything, it still leaves us asking questions. Alas, this will always be the case, as we will see.

In chapter three, we discuss an experiment in hypnosis that demonstrates how a ‘new member’, a ‘new real self’, is integrated into the current reality, although belief enhancement by suggestion (hypnosis) is no substitute for belief enhancement by the coercive interaction between minds.

One may ask how the theory being expounded in this work can be proven. In fact, it has already been proven if we can consider all the supernatural events in the Jewish/Christian Bible and other scriptures as authentic. The trouble is that current scientific speculation, which has become fashionable, can’t explain such events, so it is assumed that they could not having happened as did, for example, the Battle of Hastings in 1066 or the attack of the World Trade Center in 2001. This is because science is too tightly gripped by the idea of an objective universe. We don’t have to believe anything that we don’t understand.

By evolving an integrated theory, even if it is the product of human imagination, that can explain the nature of the gravitational field and also all the so-called supernatural events recorded in scriptures, we gain a more feasible understanding of all the events that have been experienced throughout the history of humanity. More importantly, we see that the human conscious mind can never contain the whole truth that is Reality, because the most that we can have is the Real self, which is only an integral part of Reality. We need the whole of Reality and we just can’t have it. We can, however, live in that truth by living in our Real self. This occurs when we allow our mind, conscious and unconscious, to combine, becoming an integrated logical structure below awareness. This is an unimaginable state of being, referred to by some as “living in the spirit” Indeed, it is living in the spirit of Reality.

God from the simplistic point of view.



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