Dark Energy

The Big Questions in Cosmology.

How did the universe come to be, what it’s made of and how life get into inanimate matter before so-called evolution could begin anywhere and so on? In this work I am suggesting that the problem preventing current scientific endeavor from coming up with satisfactory answers to such questions is the assumption that the universe is a consequence of objective fact, meaning that it is considered to have came to be sometime in the past by one means or another. It seems so obvious that it’s too easy to take it for granted without really giving the matter any serious alternative consideration at all.

If we do give this problem a little thought within the context of an objective universe, how can we expect to come up with a satisfactory answers because whatever answer we do come up with, within the context of an objective universe, we can always ask the question “What came before that?” or “How did that come to be?” Another approach is to ask the question "How did the universe emerge out of nothing?" What follows shows that the universe is still nothing; nothing substantial that is.

By thinking outside the so-called box; outside the conventional paradigm, I’am suggesting that the universe is a consequence of a collective unconscious belief within the collective unconscious mind of humanity much like a hologram; only this hologram is being called the Universal Belief (UB). We could almost say that it is something like a collective ‘dream-like’ world within the collective unconscious mind of humanity and it is this that is being perceived as reality; the collective world in which we are living: the universe. From the point of view of brain function the UB could be thought of as Holonomic. This does not imply that such answers are in any way subjective. I know it stretches the imagination but I think that this is what we should expect with such questions and answers. It helps to read some of the page on the ultimate nature of gravity; please see the link below.

The UB is like computer software running a three dimensional model of the universe, very simplified of course, within a computer but a computer has no innate consciousness with which to perceive the model. On the other hand the software of the UB ‘running’ within the collective unconscious mind of humanity can be perceived by the innate consciousness within each individual human mind as a ‘holographic’ model perceived as the reality of the world in which each mind/person is living. Combining mind and brain function together it could be considered to be holonomic.

The UB is being continuously upgraded by unconscious human imaginations by means of a ‘coercive interaction’ between all the unconscious minds of humanity, in conjunction with a new concept I call Reality, and it is this interaction that creates an unconscious perceptual consensus within the collective unconscious mind. In this way of thinking the coercive interaction is none other than the so-called dark energy that fills the universe. This interaction could well be the so-called Higg's field that creates a perceptual consensus in the collective unconscious mind of humanity and it is this consensus that gives all objects in the universe or cosmos their feeling of substance and mass. The coercive interaction is an ongoing process that is continually updating the ‘holographic’ UB backwards and outwards in space and time from the here and now. This implies that there is only here and now in reality and that everything else is a ‘construction’ of human subliminal imagination. The past, elsewhere in space and time have all been created by human unconscious imagination as a ‘hologram’ that is being called the Universal Belief perceived as the reality of the world in which we are living; a holographic like world that even contains an embryonic future.

However, facts within the UB are still the same facts that occur within the assumed objective universe but they are facts of unconscious belief as apposed to, but just as real as, objective facts. All mathematical concepts work within the UB just as well as they do within the assumed objective universe, it’s the visual model we currently use that needs upgrading. To better understand how this process takes place and is maintained it is necessary to introduce a new concept I call Reality.

On first thought one may wonder how the human collective unconscious imagination could have created such a vast and intricate structure we perceive as the universe. We need to remember that it is the collective conscious imagination that has created a three dimensional ‘model’ that gives us the understanding we have of the universe based on instrumentation and logic. It is much easier for the unconscious imagination to invent a new idea without logic or instrumentation because all that is necessary is for the new idea to reduce the level of conflict within the UB and it will get installed or enhanced into the UB and become a new ‘physical’ attribute of the universe that gets ‘discovered’ as real in due course.

As an example, if we consider, the so-called theory of evolution by natural selection from this very different point of view. A theory based on fossilized records of dead life forms found within rocks together with radio active elements that are also found in rocks that are used to date the rocks and hence the fossils records. This gives a time span of about 4 billion years starting with very simple life forms in the form of bacteria that evolve into human life forms some 4 billion years later. It is being suggested that this entire scenario has been created by human subliminal imagination within the holographic UB of the past, starting from the present time and working backwards through 4 billion years. It is real because we have all come to unconsciously believe in its reality, meaning that this entire scenario has been installed or enhanced into the holographic UB from the here and now. It is in effect a consequence of ‘unconscious’ faith and not a consequence of objective fact.

When this process is considered to be objective fact we are lead into asking the question “how did life get into inanimate matter before evolution could begin anywhere.” If on the other hand we consider the process to be a consequence of unconscious collective belief that question has a very different meaning. I have no doubt that, sooner or latter, it will be ‘discovered’ that life on Earth come from other planets in the Solar system, comet dust or from somewhere else in the universe but this will still not really answer the question because the same question can be asked further back in time across the universe.

In this new suggested way of thinking the question is turned upside down and instead of asking the question “How did life get into inanimate matter in the first instance” we need to ask the question “How did, I or we, get to be the here and now without implying evolution by natural selection.” It is being suggested that there ‘is’ only here and now in reality. The past, elsewhere in space and time and the so-called future are all a ‘construction’ one could almost say ‘fabrication’ of human subliminal imagination, the same subliminal imagination that has enhanced the whole of reality into being: as the so-called ‘holographic’ UB.

The same scenario can be entered into with so-called particle physics. Before a new particle becomes perceived as real it must be enhanced into the UB by unconscious imagination but because we think of the universe as a matter of objective fact we think that we have made a ‘discovery’ when we become consciously aware of its reality. However, as new particles are ‘discovered’ we can always ask the question “What are these new particles made of.”

As we search for the ultimate nature of so-called matter. By using this approach we are simple pushing the question back in time. To a great extent so-called quantum physics has overtaken the particle approach with its ‘strings’ but it still leaves us ask the same question “what are strings made of?” This will go on until we can think in term of the Universal Belief and think of matter as being made completely out of space/time which is a step beyond the strings of quantum physics.

On the microscopic scale: atoms, photons, sub atomic particles and strings are also a product of human subliminal imagination. They’re real because we have come to unconsciously believe in their reality within the UB which means that they were first enhanced into the UB by subliminal imagination before they can be perceived as real ‘objects.’ The same applies to the question: “How and when did the universe come to be?” We talk about the big bang that took place some 13.6 billion years ago but it still leaves us asking the question: “what came before that?”

Using the concept of Reality together with so-called second mindedness and deep trance hypnotic profiled individuals can also explain the intriguing phenomena referred to as UFO and extra-terrestrial life form sightings, the technical details for which have not yet been fully enhanced into the UB because of the extra-scientific challenge it presents to human subliminal imaginations currently. This is the reason for the uncertainty surrounding such phenomena.

As mentioned above, it is being suggested that there is only here and now in reality. What we observe as the universe has been created by human subliminal imagination starting from the here and now and working backward and outwards in space/time. This means that the so-called big bang theory of how the universe came to be, such as it is, is still in the process of being created or enhanced by human subliminal imagination within the past part of the UB, from the here and now, if indeed such a ‘thing’ is possible and in this work I saying that it isn’t.

It is being suggested that if we think that we are ‘discovering’ an objective universal that was created in the past, we are actually under delusion however logical it might seem to be and however real it is perceived by all of us. This implies that so-called education is actually indoctrination because there is no objective universe to be educated into and this is why we are unable to find answers to the fundamental questions in cosmology; answers on which everything else depends.

The problem we humans have in thinking about such things is that the human mind in its present form is or has become fragmented into two minds; the conscious and unconscious. Consequently, neither of the fragmented minds are integrated ‘logical’ structures within themselves. The conscious mind can ask questions that it cannot answer and the unconscious mind that participates with all other human unconscious minds in the enhancement of a conflicting ‘logical’ structure called the Universal Belief perceived as reality: the universe or cosmos in which we perceive ourselves to be living.

The human mind needs to be integrated or reintegrated into a single mind by allowing the two fragmented minds to merge into one mind. This seems to be more of a problem in mysticism than science but we should not be surprised by this. We are not just a bunch of organic molecules with a computer like mind but we are also possessed by that mysterious entity we call life and this creates a spiritual dimension.

In this work I refer to the so-called physical body with its mind as the ‘real self’ because that is what we are in reality but at a deeper level we are what I call the ‘essence of the real self’ or ERS. It is the ERS from which consciousness and will emanate and it is ERS that gives us life, we could say that consciousness and will is life. With out the ERS the real self is just a bunch of organic molecules without life, even the most primitive life forms; bacteria for example, are made up of a real self and an ERS.

When we assume the universe to be a matter of object fact we can easily assume that a bunch of organic molecules (a real self) must have become inhabited by an ERS that will give them life but I digress!

By ‘allowing’ integration or reintegration to take place the conscious mind becomes merged with the unconscious mind with the newly integrated mind inevitably functioning below awareness level and we find ourselves entering into a state of expanded consciousness with the ‘newly’ integrated mind becoming a unique and fully integrated component part of what I refer to as Reality.

The integrated mind must inevitably function below awareness level giving the sensation of being motivated by unconscious forces. This is why some people talk about living in the spirit or a state of no mindedness because that’s what it feels like. This is what is meant, in this work, by living in the spirit of Reality as a unique individual in harmony with all other uniquely integrated individuals.

In this state of being our being is transferred from the real self to the ERS. This is a state of so-called supreme enlightenment, not of the intellect but of the being. If we attempted to enlighten the conscious mind with a more integrated understanding it will have the opposite effect. In Christian terms it amounts to the so-called resurrection into Reality and this can happen right here and now because reality and Reality are completely compatible. It could also be considered as the Real evolution of an individual real self, in the form of the Real self of a person, into or Reality. The Real self is what ‘we’ become when living in or very close to Reality; as an integral part of Reality, starting from reality.

It is important to realize that it is not only the mind/person that is changed by supreme enlightenment but also the world in which that mind/person is living; the UB, is also changed or enhanced into Reality for that individual. In fact the world for that mind/person becomes Reality. Reality is able to coexist with reality because it reduces or doesn't’t increase the level of conflict within the UB; reality. This was actually the case with Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus did come back to life within the UB of the past, although this has little to do with the resurrection. Certain minds living closer to Reality than the minds around them can and sometimes will enhance a 'future' scenario into the embryonic future UB, it is called the Nostradamus effect and this is exactly what Jesus of Nazareth did while he was still alive, although according to the account in the Bible he seemed to be predicting his 'resurrection' in the future. What is being said in this work is that there is no objective future, past or present to be predicted because there is no objective universe; it's a matter of collective unconscious belief!!!

It is too easy to assume that the world such individuals as Jesus perceived as real is the same world that everyone around them perceived as real. It is the fulfillment of the ‘prayer’ “In reality as it is in Reality.” I’am not suggesting here that science should go in anyway religious, what I am suggesting is that science should investigate all events that can take place in space and time, including those that we presently refer to as supernatural or miraculous events. This can be achieved using the new cosmological language that is being put forward in this work based on the new concept of Reality and the concept of the universal belief.

All of this means that although the answers to the big cosmological questions are in the newly integrated mind they are below the level of awareness so we can never have a conscious understanding of the answers to the so-called big cosmological questions; the ‘truth’ that is Reality but we don’t need them because we can live in that truth by living in our Real self (what we are in Reality). This is actually a healing process that can be achieved by so-called meditation, yoga or prayer over time. We could say that the sole purpose of meditation, yoga or prayer is to bring about the integration of a fragmented human mind and the transfer of our being from the real self to the (essence of the real self) ERS. A process called the supreme enlightenment of the being, it is in fact a direct interaction with Reality; this is the so-called resurrection in Christian theology. A state of living beyond science, religion and politics.

However, there is another method of bringing about this integration almost instantaneously and that is by allowing same one who is living closer to Reality then ones self and allow the ‘charisma’ emanating form such a person's more integrated mind to heal ones fragmented mind. A fragmented mind is just as much an impediment as is blindness, lameness, or disease and is therefore a candidate for ‘charismatic’ healing. This is exactly what took place between John the Baptist and Jesus of Nazareth once we are able to decipher what really took place between John and Jesus in terms of the concept of Reality. The reason that we don’t consider our fragmented mind to be an impediment is because we are all bestowed with it so it doesn't’t stand out as unusual. A whole lot more is said about this very interesting subject in the book entitled Dark Energy.

Within an objective universe we are only able to interact with natural events but within the UB we are able to interact with both natural and so-called supernatural events as well. I realize that this way of thinking shatters our current scientific world view but I think that is to be expected.

This new way of thinking can not only explain so-called supernatural events but also those awesome phenomena we call religion. It is also able to explain so-called UFO and extraterrestrial life forms phenomena as mentioned above as well as all those mysterious disappearances in the so-called Bermuda and Dragon triangles. UFO phenomena is an attempt by human subliminal imagination to provide an answer to the big cosmological question; how did life get into inanimate matter before evolution could begin anywhere?

By studying the workings of the human eye from the UB point of view we can also understand why the speed of light is 299,000 kips. As mentioned above the so-called dark energy that fills the universe can also be explained as a coercive interaction between minds within the context of the UB The same explanation also shows why the universe that we perceive as reality is in an exhilarating expanding state. It is because the collective unconscious mind of humanity is also in an exhilarating expanding state, within the UB. It also gives a deeper understanding of gravity and the electrostatic field.

This new way of thinking can also show how faster then light speed can be attained should we wish to do so, because relativity theory assumes the objective nature of the universe and needs to be upgraded.

What has been said above is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak, it’s an enormous subject that involves everything. I’ve already written two books on the matter that give a very deep and integrated understanding of our world and our perception of reality from this new point of view. If this theory turns out to be ‘true,’ meaning accepted by the scientific consensus, it will be ironic because it shows that science and mysticism are complementary.


Dark Energy

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