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Universal Belief

The Electrostatic Field

Alex J Morrey

To fully understand the nature of the electrostatic field, it is necessary to understand what we perceive to be the universe in a very different way than currently. Instead of assuming the universe to be consequence of ‘concrete’ objective fact, that has been in existence from the beginning—whatever that means; a universe composed of atoms, photons and sub-atomic particles within a fabric of space and time, it is considered in this work to be a consequence of collective unconscious belief, referred to as the universal belief.

Ordinarily, there is no way of knowing, by observing events in space and time, which one of the two options we are actually living in, because the so-called laws of nature work equally in both situations. However, within the universal belief the laws of nature and even history itself can be changed by enhancement. We also need to take into account those illusive entities experienced as consciousness and will.

In this work, what are called ‘material objects’ in the objective universe that are perceived as real objects are also perceived as real objects within the universal belief, even if they are made of the same stuff as imaginary objects within a human imagination. This being so, we need to ask: How can such imaginary objects feel so completely solid to the tactile sense, as well as possessing inertia and mass? To answer this question, we need a deeper understanding of what is perceived to be the electrostatic field.

The best way to start thinking about what is perceived to be an electrostatic field is to think about a hypothetical air traffic control system. Each aircraft has a pilot and an auto pilot, as usual; a navigation system controlled partly from the air traffic control system and from within the aircraft itself. In addition, there is a collision avoidance system controlled entirely by the air traffic control system. When two aircraft are on an intersecting collision course, the collision avoidance system would take over its own flight controls within each aircraft, diverting each from its originally planned course. This implies that it would be impossible for two aircraft to collide, regardless of what the auto pilot or the pilot tried to do. If the pilot was unaware of the existence of the collision avoidance system, he could easily be led to believe that each aircraft was surrounded by a repulsive field referred to as an electrostatic field.

It is the same for every ‘imaginary object’ object within the universal belief (UB), right down to the atom. An unconscious belief such as the UB is like software running within a computer network. However, computers have no conscious awareness with which to perceive that belief like the consciousness within each individual human brain within the collective unconscious mind of humanity. Each individual brain running an instance of the UB within itself perceives that instance as the world in which it is living, although it takes the total collective mind of humanity to contain the entire UB, much like a computer network that contains the entire database used by each computer within the network.

Each object within the UB moves and is positioned by the software running within the UB according to the ‘laws of nature’ that have been programmed into the software of the UB. One such rule is that no two ‘imaginary objects’ can occupy the same space/time which means that if two’ imaginary’ objects are on a collision course, both objects will be deflected away from their original trajectories according to the rule or law that has become ‘programmed’ into the UB in the form of the laws of so-called electrostatic repulsion, but without implying the existence of an electrostatic field.

Our own ‘physical’ bodies are also part of the UB and when the fingertips belonging to a human hand within the UB come into contact with any other object, although the fingertips and the object within the UB are both insubstantial in essence, the software of the UB moves and positions the fingertips and the touched object according to certain rules we call the “laws of nature”. When this action within an instance of the UB ‘running’ within an individual human brain, it is perceived in due course by the consciousness innate within the brain as an action in the ‘real’ world in which that particular brain within a particular body (real self) is living. This means that the so-called laws of the electrostatic field are a consequence of an unconscious belief in which we have all come to collectively believe in by subliminal perceptual consensus, as opposed to a universe of concrete objective fact. Later in this work, we shall come to understand that such laws can be changed by enhancement under certain circumstances, as the so-called law of gravity can be changed by enhancement.

The usual way we think of tactile sensation and the solid nature of ‘material’ objects is based on our belief that all objects are composed of atoms that are surrounded by negatively charged electrons, which means that all objects that are made of atoms are surrounded by negatively charged electrons and will repel each other according to the electrostatic law of repulsion which, in this case, produces a very short range repulsive force when atoms come into close contact with each other. This is because the outer shell of negatively charged electrons around each atom will become the dominant force that will repel atoms that come into close ‘contact’. This is because the neutralizing affect of the positively charged proton within the nucleus will still be a radius away from the point of close ‘contact’ between two colliding atoms. This is the case when human fingertips come into contact with (touch) a ‘material’ object. This is the electrostatic field at the micro level.

As I point out in Where Angels Fear to Tread, atoms, photons and sub atomic particles do not actually exist in or very close to the ultimate reality referred to as Reality because they too are a consequence of unconscious collective belief and are also part of the reality that is the UB. There is no an electrostatic field as such.

Much the same applies to inertia and mass. They too are functions programmed into the UB, as opposed to objective laws of nature. When an object within the UB is moved, it moves according to the so-called laws of motion programmed into the UB. The so-called past is also an integral part of the UB and can also be enhanced by minds living closer to Reality than other minds around them. This is how we can imagine that reality, together with atoms and photons, came to be real within the universal belief. There is only here and now in reality as well as in Reality. Space and time too are a functional part of the UB, as opposed to the space and time of objective fact.

The so-called supernatural event of a real person walking through a real wall can be explained by the enhancement of the electrostatic field, which makes it possible for two ‘real objects’ to occupy the same space/time event. These ideas do not imply that the science of the 21st century is incorrect but rather gives science a bigger picture in which to work by allowing it to understand not only so-called natural events, but also so-called supernatural events.

The book examines the answers to the ultimate questions and challenges us to think beyond the accepted ways of conscious belief.

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